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Your IMAGE is…

..Your best BUSINESS CARD.

Choosing fashionable clothes or accessories, in a shop or at home, means to define and describe yourself;

What you wear translates into a powerful visual and aesthetic language consisting of different elements, “words” which have impact on the person standing in front of you;

Old words (vintage), contemporary words (fashion), native words (ikat prints), foreign words (British style, tribal style, afro etc..), sophisticated, classical …cutting edge (trendy).

To teach you this language and give you the capacity to “speak” it with correctness of speech in tune with your physical and emotional characteristics is my job and my passion.


Erika Frezzato
Personal Shopper

Wardrobe styling

Have you ever had the impression to have a full wardrobe and no matching clothes?

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Personal Shopper Course

We offer maximum flexibility and we can study ad hoc programs on specific customer requests

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sam 9 Copia

Benefits for employees

"Dress badly and they will criticize your clothes, dress well and they will listen to what you’re saying.”

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